52 Degrees: “I Wish”

Saw a tweet from 52 degrees that said “I Wish” and wondered what it was.

To be clear, I still dont entirely know what it is ;p But I was surprised when I visited their website to see one interesting sentence:


“Kuwaits first reality TV show”

To be honest, I thought that was quite interesting!  I dont know yet what its gonna be about, or what its supposed to represent or who the contestants might be, but as a concept and how it will be implemented HERE would be surprising.

The concept is still in the production phase, and is not ready yet.  They have / are signing a contract with ZAIN, and are sponsored by Al-Watan TV.  They also talk of building a new “studio area” in order to host the show, which is meant to be “phase 2 of 52 degrees”.

The show is meant to be of a Kuwaiti concept, and the end prize is “the fulfillment of the winners dreams in all genres”.

Im tempted to join, oh the possibilities are endless!

But.. then I cant blog about it after its produced, so .. ill think about it.

Here are the official flyers taken from 52blog.com:

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