10 Things you can accomplish in 1 month.

>Strange title, isnt it?

Well, I did a little bit of research (google), and apparently there quite a few things you can do in a month, but we’ll get into these a little later in this post.

Oh, I finally managed to get my paperwork evaluated from the Ministry of Higher Education, or at least in the process of being evaluated.  If you have no idea what im talking about, refer to my older post “Welcome to Kuwait” to understand in more detail what the whole story is about.

In short, I need to get this “to whom it may concern” letter from the Ministry of Higher Education that basically states that this lovely guy (me) has not faked his 7 years in Aberdeen (Scotland) and this Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery is actually REAL.  Please employ him sometime this year.

This is because a lot of people, ya36eehom il 3afya, have forged their certificates, and are sitting there proud owners of a Bachelors / Masters / PhD in whatever you want and reaping those benefits.  This has forced the ministry to clamp down on such people by having to evaluate every single degree 10 times.  In chaotic fashion of course.

Why oh why, cant someone categorize anything?  For goodness sake, if you own an iPhone, you would know that you categorize your apps based on CATEGORY.  For example, if you own 6 music apps and 1 app on how to eat chocolate, you dont put them in one folder.  Its simple, honest.

I graduated from the UK.  So put me in the “United Kingdom Graduates” category.
So I studied medicine, as many before me have.  Put me in the “Medical” category.

Then look for my folder, and boom, there it is.  Take it, evaluate it, give me the letter so I can go start ploughing through the spiderweb that is the Ministry of Health (a process which in itself takes approximately a month to complete and get appointed somewhere).

Does that happen? Yeh, right.

I sent an email to the dean in the Uk so I can get the very same letter which I needed to finish something when I was over there.  That was 6am of a certain day.  I got a reply saying “… come pick it up from the secretaries at 12pm”.

Something similar happened when I went to the MoHE (I cant be assed writing “Higher Education” every time, come on guys).  They gave me a letter / receipt sort of thing, which stated the date I applied for evaluation of my paperwork and the date Im meant to come and pick it up.

For those who are arabic-illiterate:

Name: Abdullah Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Taweel
Date of application: 19/09/2010
Date of receipt of letter: 19/10/2010

Note: Please arrive after 11am to receive your “to whom it may concern” letter.  Piss off if you come before then.

Yes, you are reading it correctly.  1 month.  1 whole month to hang around doing nothing to receive a simple “to whom it may concern” letter which I received in 6 HOURS while I was in the Uk.  If this meant that by the end of this month I’ll be working somewhere and making some money, then no worries.   But no, this is simply the starting point of a long and tedious process anyways.  At this rate I’ll probably be employed late 2011.  Maybe.

What could they possibly be doing with my paperwork that it takes a whole month to process?  Honestly, it boggles the mind.

Lets say for example, You want an iPhone 4.  Not any kind, you want the most legit iPhone 4 there is.  So hire my services, and you say “3baid, you have these 10 shops to go to.  These are the people I trust that have the most legit iPhone 4.  So lets say you send me to 3laiwi’s shop to buy an official iPhone 4.  I go, come back with the iPhone 4 and yet still you check the bottom of the box to make sure it says “official Apple product”?

Thats exactly whats happening here.  You sent me to the United Kingdom.  You gave me a whole host of specialities and cities to apply to.  After 7 whole years there,  I hand you my bachelors degree and yet still you evaluate it?  Fine, evaluate it, but 1 month? FFs ..

So I’ll leave you on a lighter note;

10 Things you can accomplish in 1 month:

1. Give a 1 month notice to your employers when you’re quitting a job.

2. Get pregnant

3. Deliver the babies that you were pregnant with. (dunno whats up this and the previous analogy)

4. Take a minimum of 30 poops. (thats if you’re a 1-a-day person)

5. Unlock Adelheid in King of Fighters XIII (I havent played this game, but apparently you can)

6. Listen to 14,400 songs that are 3 minutes long each.

7. Fast Ramadan again.

8. Write a book.  Maybe 2.

9. Fly to the moon and back to earth 5 times. (Check it out, here and here)

10. Drive around the world .. (Nah you cant, couldnt think of a 10th one.  Maybe you can?)


  1. AbdulRahman September 27, 2010 at 7:12 am #

    >#4 is disgusting! ghayra ;p

  2. Dr Q80 September 27, 2010 at 2:27 pm #

    >Its true though ;p

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